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We currently offer two Photoshop Classes at the COA Manteo Campus

The Adobe Photoshop Class is for beginners
who are comfortable using a computer, and Photoshop for Photographers
is for folks who have a bit of experience in Photoshop
or have taken the Basic class,
and want to learn more.

Basic Adobe Photoshop

This is a very basic approach
intended to familiarize folks with
Adobe Photoshop and the many tools
built into the program.

It is highly recommended that you be
reasonably comfortable working with
a Windows or Macintosh computer.

Photoshop for Photographers

This class is intended for students
who have a basic understanding of
Photoshop and want to take it farther.
It is built specifically around the idea
of getting photographs from the camera
to the computer and making them look
their absolute best for display.

It covers advanced editing, and basic
manipulation and alteration techniques.
It does not delve into graphic design
or web design, but graphic designers
and web masters will benefit from it.

Digital Photography Class

Digital Photography

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